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MEM offers a wide variety of health packages specifically designed to cover different aspects of medical fitness or to help in the early detection of certain ailments. A dedicated MEM representative will assist and guide you through the required tests during your visit at the medical center. The purpose of a preventive care medical examination is to detect common conditions of which you are unaware that may have a negative influence on your health in the future. Examples of such conditions are high blood pressure, obesity, elevated cholesterol and sugar in the blood, blood in the urine, and abnormal abdominal organs. Early detection of these conditions will facilitate the implementation of preventive measures and/or early treatment, which may increase the likelihood of a cure or good control and prevent complications later in life.
THE MEM Health Check-Up
For Whom?
Executive Health Checkup program is for everyone. Especially those who have no symptoms, but who may have significant risk factors with heart, liver, lung ,bowel and kidney disease and cancer among the most common causes of long term illness and premature death in the country, early detection is the important form of disease prevention. For those with a personal or family history of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chest pain ,smoking or sedentary life style. A Executive health check should consider at an early age to be repeated every six months.
Why you should do regular Health Check-up ?
  • To assess the physical condition of your body.
  • To prevent sudden sickness or diseases.
  • To provide right medical advice of our expert physicians on any urgent health issues or concerns.
  • To educate you about your risk factors for major ,preventable diseases.
  • To implement a program to avoid developing a preventable disease or vulnerability to that.
Preparation and other important information
  • Do not take any medicines, cigarettes, tobacco or any fluids besides plain water (no milk, tea, coffee, etc) in the morning.
  • Inform the Health Check reception, if you are Diabetic or a Cardiac Patient or if suspecting pregnancy.
  • If you have pre-existing medical condition or on any treatment, please bring along your medicines/previous reports with you..
  • Any further tests or consultation will not be part of this package and hence will be charged extra. The availability of reports in such instances will depend on the nature of the tests.
  • Additional services (not mentioned in the package) will be charged separately.
  • Wear clothes that offer convenience for drawing blood from the elbow area.
  • While collecting urine, allow the first portion to drain out and collect during the middle portion while urinating.
  • While collecting stool, please avoid red meat three 3 days prior to the collection of the stool.
  • Prior appointment to be taken for the consultation of Doctors.
Basic Health Checkup
1 Blood Sugar - Fasting Total
BD 35
2 Total Cholesterol
3 HDL Cholesterol
4 LDL Cholesterol
5 Triglycerides
7 Blood Sugar - Post Prandial
8 Uric Acid
9 Complete Blood Count
10 ESR
11 Urine Routine
12 Chest X-ray
13 Consultation with General Practitioner
Gold Health Package
1 61 Lab tests Total
BD 25
2 Liver profile
3 Lipid profile
4 Renal profile
5 Iron deficiency profile
6 Thyroid Profile
7 Diabetes profile
8 Vitamin profile
9 Complete blood count (28)
10 Testosterone
Platinum Health Package
1 75 Lab tests Total
BD 75
2 Liver profile
3 Lipid profile
4 Renal profile
5 Iron deficiency profile
6 Thyroid Profile
7 Diabetes profile
8 Vitamin profile
9 Complete blood count (28)
10 Testosterone
11 Cardiac risk marker
12 Artritis profile
13 Pancreatic profile
14 Electrolytes
15 Serum Ferritin
16 Folic acid
Well Women Health Checkup
1 Blood Sugar - Fasting Total
BD 70
2 Complete Blood Count (CBC)
4 Urine Analysis
5 Lipid Profile
6 Ultrasound Scan – Pelvis
7 Pap Smear Test
8 Stool Analysis
9 Liver Function Test
10 Creatinine
11 Urea
12 Vaginal Swab culture
13 Consultation with General Practitioner
Periodical Health Checkup
1 Blood Sugar - Fasting Total
BD 60
2 Creatinine
3 Complete Blood Count (CBC)
4 Blood Routine
5 Urine Routine
6 Lipid Profile
10 Urine Micro-albumin
11 Urinalysis
12 ECG
13 Chest X-ray
14 GP Consultation with Medical Report
Medical Checkup for House Maids/Food Handlers/Health Service Personnel              
1 HIV Total
BD 35
3 Stool Culture
4 Stool Routine
5 Urine Routine
6 HBSag
8 Blood Sugar - Random
9 Chest X-Ray
10 Consultation with GP with Medical Report
Master Health Checkup
1 Blood Sugar - Fasting Total
BD 80
2 Blood Sugar - Post Prandial
3 Complete Blood Count (CBC)
4 Stool Routine
5 Urinalysis
6 Liver Function Test
7 Electrolytes
8 Creatinine
9 Urea
10 Uric Acid
11 Serum Calcium
12 Serum Phosphorus
13 Lipid Profile
14 ECG
15 Chest X-ray
16 TSH
17 Consultation with General Practitioner
18 Physiotherapy Consultation
Basic Diabetic Yearly Package
1 Blood Sugar - Fasting Total
BD 70
2 Blood Sugar - Post Prandial(PPBS)
3 Complete Blood Count (CBC)
4 HbA1c
5 Urine Routine
6 Urine Microalbumine
7 Creatinine
8 Urea
9 Lipid Profile
10 LFT
11 Consultation with Doctor (General Practitioner)
12 ECG
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